About Shustin

Shustin boasts a diverse team of craftspeople with a wealth of knowledge, acumen and experience, dedicated to providing distinct homes for discerning people. As a boutique developer, we take an artisanal approach to building that emphasises exemplary design, meticulous attention to detail, like-minded partnerships, and materials of the finest quality.

Our Heritage

The Shustin family has long been committed to excellence in craft. Our story begins with our great-grandfather more than 150 years ago, at a time when crafting truly mattered.

Our great-grandfather devoted his life to his craft as a bootmaker, designing bespoke riding boots for discerning noblemen in Eastern Europe. To him, crafting wasn’t just a job, it was his way of life. His meticulous approach and respect for materials carries on in us, his great-grandchildren. We believe crafting still matters.

Crafted by Shustin

The process begins by hand selecting a team of architects and interior designers to execute a common goal—to achieve permanence through timeless design and materials of the highest quality. Our focus centres on wellness, comfort and respect for the senses to enhance everyday life.

Uncompromising Quality

Shustin homes are carefully considered and expertly crafted. Proudly designed and built in-house, each project embodies a meticulous, artisanal approach to making homes. Our commitment to crafting homes of distinction extends to every aspect of a project—from hand-selecting ideal locales, to partnering with neighbouring artisans and using bespoke materials, furnishings and finishes.

Start to Completion

Shustin projects are created by an exceptional team who work diligently to deliver projects on time and to the highest possible standard. Working closely with our collaborators from concept to completion, we pride ourselves on building timeless homes of distinction, sophistication and comfort.